Orthodontic Confidence + Quality = Cases
Helping you to perform orthodontic cases with more confidence and better quality end results
A full day training course covering:
  • Orthodontic Photography Skills
  • Accurate Record Keeping
  • Effective Treatment Planning
  • Using the Confidex Facility
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Reviewing Current Cases*
  • Consent
*Study models and photographs welcome
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Qoute I wanted more confidence to treat my Six Month Smiles cases. Qoute


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Dr Jas Gill

Dr Jas Gill

Principal Dentist & Director
BDS London 1995 / LDS RCS Eng 1995 / MFGDP (UK) 1997
GDC No. 71111

Dr Jaswinder Gill graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Kings College Dental School, London in 1995. He then joined a general practice in London, before opening his own practice - Moonlight Dental Surgery - in Slough UK, in 2006. Shortly afterwards, he added a further two general practices under the Moonlight Dental brand, offering comprehensive treatments and an in-house pharmacy.

Dr Gill is currently one of only three Clinical Instructors for Six Month Smiles in the UK. He has also completed the Invisalign course and the IAS Advanced Course to deliver comprehensive orthodontics, and is a Platinum provider for both Six Month Smiles and Invisalign.

In 2017, Dr Gill developed his own course, 'Orthodontic CQC', designed to help providers of Short-Term Ortho perform more high quality cases with confidence. He also moved to the digital workflow using the Carestream Dental CS 3600 intraoral scanner and is now a UK clinical lead.

Dr Jan Einfeldt

Dr Jan Einfeldt

Clinical Director
Tandlaege, Royal Dental College, Copenhagen. Denmark.
GDC No. 72737

Dr. Jan Einfeldt, a third-generation dentist, qualified in 1994 from the Royal Dental College in Copenhagen Denmark. He has been the Principal Dentist at Staplehurst Dental Practice since 1999.

This achievement was recognised at the prestigious Private Dentists Awards in the 'Most Innovative Private Practice' category.

Continuing with his commitment to modern dentistry, Dr Einfeldt uses the Carestream 3600 intra oral scanner to work more efficiently and help people who want to avoid the runny impression materials.

He is the UK representative for the International Digital Dental Academy (IDDA) and on the orthodontic committee.

He is one of only three international clinical instructors in the world for Six Month Smiles. He is certified to use other braces namely Invisalign and Inman Aligner. He is a platinum provider for both Six Month Smiles and Invisalign.

What Did You Think of the Course?
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Qoute It's a really great course! It's really informative and there's lots of tips and tricks. Qoute

About OCQC

Dr Gill and Dr Einfeldt have worked with many dentists, and dental teams, over the years. Helping them enhance their abilities and improve their confidence to provide cosmetic orthodontics.

Time and time again we have met fantastic clinicians lacking the skill set, and confidence, to approach patients regarding their orthodontic needs. During your training, you are shown everything you need to know to provide a high standard of care to patients whilst ensuring their safety and comfort. However, you are not shown how to approach patients, how to help them understand their requirements and not be perceived as just another 'sales pitch'.

A high percentage of dentists, who have completed their orthodontic course, feel lacking in confidence to make that jump into becoming a regular provider. Some don't even end up doing any cases due to hesitation and lack of self-assurance. These dentists are still perfectly capable providers; they just lack the confidence to apply their newly learnt skill to their existing working life. That is where we come in....

We help dentists fill in the gaps where they have confusion or concern. We guide them in being more confident which naturally leads to better results and a higher turnover of cases.

If you want to increase your cosmetic orthodontic cases, with more confidence and better quality end results, then this course is for you!...Our course will enable you to re-start, improve and increase your confidence in providing cosmetic orthodontic treatments, which will lead to an increase in cases for you and your practice.

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Feel like I can restart 6MS again and prioritise

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Whole course was excellent. Thank you very much

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Excellent presentation. Detailed explanation. Superb course

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Met everyone's needs really well

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Relaxed environment. Lots of good information targeted at all levels of expertise. Lots of good tips

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Great course to increase the confidence to start cases

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Lunch was a big surprise and very thoughtful. Thank you. Folder and presentation and space for our personal notes. Amazing

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Good and clear speech. Always answering questions

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Content, presentation, interaction

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Taking photos and consultation live were the best

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    I liked the consultation demonstration and marketing discussion. That was really useful. As I get a lot of interest but not enough conversion

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Very good, it was very useful

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Very good course. Recommend to every dentist that provides short term ortho.

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Feeling more confident to start cases + have a better overall understanding now of 6MS.

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Lovely course, highly recommended.

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    I really enjoyed this course. I'm so glad I came.

  • OCQC £ +44-17535-1551957 OCQC

    Increases your confidence.

What to expect from an OCQC Course

  • Extremely rare, low priced, combined course covering several vital topics (which would usually cost a great deal to attend individual courses).
  • This course is carried out by 2 of the 3 International Six Month Smile Clinical Instructors in the UK.
  • This course provides a fantastic networking opportunity for you to liaise with like-minded providers.
  • We provide after-course support at all attendees, allowing access to our Facebook group providing an open forum for attendees.
  • The course provides 7 hours of verifiable CPD.
  • Consent

The Format for an OCQC Training Day

09.00 Introduction
09.30 Photography & Radiography
10.30 —— Coffee break ——
10.45 Record keeping & Consent, Treatment Planning
13.00 —— Lunch ——
14.00 Retention
14.30 Attendees cases
15.30 —— Coffee break ——
15.45 Tips & Tricks, Live consultation
16.30 Marketing
17.00 End
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Dates for Future Seminars

Date Location
Saturday 16th June 2018 BDA London SOLD OUT
Saturday 27th October 2018 BDA London CANCELLED


British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole St, Marylebone, London W1G 8YS


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OCQC Course

Course Date & Location

Cancellation Information

If the cancellation is received 2 weeks prior to the course beginning, you will receive a refund of 50%. If you cancel less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the course, no refund will be issued.

On rare occasions, traffic delays or poor weather could affect the start time of a seminar or force us to cancel the seminar. If we are able to start the course by 1 PM there is no refund...all topics will be covered in full.

If we are not able to hit the 1 PM deadline the course will be held on a different day. Your course fee can be applied to a future course or you may opt to receive a full refund